On behalf of Lee Edwards (VP of Communications / Marketing) and Cathy Nolan (VP of Conferences, DAMA International is pleased to announce that registration is now open for Data Modeling Zone (DMZ), October 5-7 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Please note the following information for all DAMA supporters:

Data Modeling Zone (DMZ), October 5-7 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Registration Open

Receive a free $100 gift card if you register by June 10 for DMZ. DAMA supporters also receive a $100 discount with code DAMA.

DMZ is the conference where attendees can sharpen their data modeling skills through over 60 sessions and share experiences with other data modelers, analysts, architects, and database experts.

Learn more about the conference at http://bit.ly/1CPzrNJ and view the full program at http://bit.ly/1DQuDsB.

Register Today at http://bit.ly/1azxaj3.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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