Are you interested in talking to people interested or involved in data management? This is a meetup of like-minded people that are eager, curious and want to know more and share experiences.

It is not just drinks and talks, we will also be actively working on some data management topics (while having fun!). We have selected 4 inspiring topics for you to join and switch to the discussion that you find most appealing!

The languages are Dutch and English, we want to welcome as many people as possible in the community. It is a safe space, where we come to get further and help others.

This event is open for ‘Vrienden van DAMA NL’ and everyone else too! Members of The Hague Tech community, working at tech and data startups, are also invited and it will be a great mix of minds!

You can register at

If you want to know about other events by DAMA NL, please check our events page on this website or here.

Informatieproduct factsheet "Data-as-a-product" is ter consultatie aangeboden: Factsheet Datamesh Data-As-A-Product v 2 juli 2023-GUAVDALG-0017

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