The Data Quality Working Group has developed a model for a data quality management system. This model is based on the well-know standard voor quality management systems: ISO 9001.

Description of the DQMS

The entire model is described in a white paper:

A Management System for Data Quality

Elements of the DQMS in a WIKI

The model contains 25 elements. Until now 13 of themĀ  have been elaborated in the wiki below:


The next elements has been eleborated in the wiki

White Papers

Data Quality Awareness

Data Quality Maturity Scan

In order to determine which priority an element of the DQMS has, the data qualit maturity matrix can be used. This takes into account the importance you or the organisation attaches to an element and how far the element has been developed.

Data Quality Maturity Scan

Relations between Elements of the DQMS

The 25 elements of the DQMS have relationships with each other. This is visualised in the knowledge graph below.

Relations between elements of the DQMS

Make Your Own Choice

The DQMS is not a prescription. It can be used as a reference model by making your own selection from the 25 elements.


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